Ocean Optics - Inventor of the World's First Miniature Spectrometer
Ocean Optics - Inventor of the World's First Miniature Spectrometer

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Ocean Optics - Inventor of the World's First Miniature Spectrometer

Laboratory-grade Optical Fiber Assemblies

Our Laboratory-grade Optical Fiber Assemblies offer high quality at a budget price. These off-the-shelf assemblies include patch cord assemblies in various lengths, solarization-resistant patch cord assemblies, and bifurcated and splitter assemblies.

Premium-grade Optical Fiber Assemblies

Our "Best for Spectroscopy" Premium-grade Optical Fiber Assemblies consistently deliver uniform results with minimal signal variance. Premium-grade Assemblies include high-quality SMA 905 connectors and silicone-coated steel monocoil jacketing with a Nomex braid for superior strain relief. Each Premium-grade Assembly is shipped with a QA report that includes both the serial number and transmission curve of the assembly.

Custom Engineered Fibers and Probes

If you haven't yet found the exact fiber assembly you need in our extensive standard, off-the-shelf collection, then our custom optical fiber development services may be of help.

Unjacketed Bulk Optical Fiber

We offer spooled, unjacketed optical fiber primarily for those interested in making their own assemblies. 

Optical Fiber Kits

Optical fiber kits for educators, experts and tinkerers alike! 

Fiber Optic Sensors and Probes

Here you'll find information on our line of fiber optic chemical sensors and systems including Fiber Optic Oxygen Sensors. Additionally, we offer optical fiber probes for absorbance, irradiance, reflection and backscattering measurements.  

Optical Fiber and Probe Accessories

Gershun Tubes, Fiber Filter Holders, Probe Holders, Modemixers, Fiber Wrenches and more! 


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Fiber Attenuation

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Jacketing Options

Fiber Accessories






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