Ocean Optics - Inventor of the World's First Miniature Spectrometer
Ocean Optics - Inventor of the World's First Miniature Spectrometer

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Ocean Optics - Inventor of the World's First Miniature Spectrometer



Now What?
The Total Technical Service (TTS) group is available around-the-clock to support the more than 100,000 Ocean Optics instruments currently being used by our customers. Ocean Optics created this group to provide excellent customer service to our customers. Contact us if you need preventive maintenance, a system upgrade, system protection plans, calibration services, equipment installation, training, or any type of technical support.

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TTS is Here for You
Our TTS group employs an interdisciplinary approach, maintains a highly trained team of scientists and engineers with broad scientific skill sets and generates individual solutions to specific issues. We're here with over 15 years of photonics knowledge and leadership to help you with needs as varied as scientific research, quality control requirements, process monitoring applications, and curricula development.

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The TTS Mission Statement

"To collect, administer and utilize the intellectual and technical knowledge of Ocean Optics as the core resource in producing and delivering outstanding service and innovative products to our clients."

We Want to Hear from You! Let Us Provide Technical Support and Software Assistance.

Important Information About Light Sources

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