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Ocean Optics - Inventor of the World's First Miniature Spectrometer
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July 2014
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November/December 2013
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July 2013
  • Versatile USB2000+ Spectrometer
  • Field Application Takes Off
  • Non-Intrusive, Real-time pH Measurements
  • Application of the Month: Solutions Absorbance
  • Three Year Warranty Adds Value
May and June 2013
  • OceanView is Here!
  • IDRaman Handheld Raman Spectrometer
  • Save 10% with Loyalty Rewards
  • Application of the Month: Raster Orbital Scanning
  • New HL-3 Calibration Sources
  • New DH-3 Calibration Sources
April 2013
  • STS System Promotion

  • FREE Laptop NIR Promotion

  • Meet the EMBED2000 Spectrometer

  • New Mobile App Released

  • Application of the Month: Fluorescence

  • Tech Tip: Power Density Threshold in Optical Fibers

March 2013
  • Final Days of Free Laptop/Software Promotion

  • Last Call for Sensors Discount Promotion

  • STS Delivers Big Performance at a Small Price

  • App Note: Diffuse Reflectance Spectra of Grains

  • New Products in the Spotlight at PITTCON 2013

  • Blue Ocean Grant Winners Announced

February 2013
  • Operation Gumball: The Sweet Science of Spectroscopy

  • Introducing the Ventana High Throughput Spectrometer

  • Free Laptop and Software Promotion

  • Sensors Customers Earn Rewards

January 2013
  • Introducing the Apex 785 Raman Spectrometer

  • App Note: QE65 Pro UV Transmission of Eyeglasses

  • Photonics West Preview

  • App Note: High Throughput Virtual Slit Technology

  • The ecoVis Light Source

  • Jaz Spectrometers Take the Plunge

December 2012

To close out another great year of application knowledge, we present our Top 10 Application Notes of 2012.

November 2012
  • App Note: Thickness of Semiconductor Films

  • Accessory of the Month: Jaz Tools for the Field

  • Technical Tip: Flexible Fluorescence

  • Technical Tip: Raman Sampling Considerations

October 2012
  • New Option Enhances UV-Vis Light Source Line

  • App Note: Characterizing Proteins at the Cancer Institute

  • OmniDriver 2.20 Released

  • Accessory of the Month: FHS-UV In-line Filter Holder

  • App Note: Measuring Opacity in Plastic Tubing Samples

  • Ellipsometry System for Thin Film Measurements

September 2012
  • Application Note: Fluorescence of Cutting Oils

  • Accessory of the Month: WS-1 Diffuse Standards

  • Back to School: Spectrometers for Education

  • ChemCam Retrieves Successful Spectra on Mars

  • Application Note: Reflectivity of Mineral Powders

  • Replaceable Slits: QE65 Pro, Torus, Jaz

August 2012
  • Beat the Heat with Our Cool Summer Promotion

  • Application Note: Raman Analysis of Chemical Alcohol

  • Tech Tip: Using Integrating Spheres

  • Last Call for Blue Ocean Entries

  • Accessory of the Month: Transmission Dip Probes

  • Applications Note: NIR Analysis

  • Application Note: NIR Contaminant Identification

July 2012
  • R&D Funding with Blue Ocean Grants

  • App Note: Sugar Content of Mangoes using NIR

  • Tech Tip: Optimizing Reflection Probe Measurements

  • Accessory of the Month: Gershun Tube Kit

  • Capture Optical Emission Spectra of Plasma Processes

  • Jaz Spectrometer is Field-ready fun

June 2012
  • App Note: Plasma Monitoring with HR2000+

  • Robust Fibers for Deep UV Applications

  • App Note: UV LEDs and Intrinsic Protein Fluorescence

  • Accessory of the Month: Klarite Substrates

  • Meet the NanoCalc Thin Film Reflectometry System

  • Small-Diameter O2 Sensor Probes

May 2012
  • App Note: Maya2000 Pro-NIR for Diesel and Biofuel Analysis
  • Setups for Fluorescence and Absorbance
  • Know Your Fiber
  • Your Partner in OEM Solutions
  • Featured Accessory: Collimating Lens and Cuvette Holder
  • LEDs for Deep UV and More
April 2012
  • App Note: Thermally Stabilizing Your Spectrometer

  • Ocean Optics Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation

  • App Note: Near Infrared Measurement of Flour

  • The Jaz Adjustable Laser Pointer

  • Accessory of the Month: FVA-UV

  • Tools for Art Conservation

March 2012
  • Save on Fibers, Accessories and More

  • App Note: Measuring Filters Used in NV Goggles

  • Versatile Filters for Fluorescence and More

  • New QE65-Pro High-Sensitivity Spectrometer

  • Tools for Materials Analysis

  • App Note: Characterizing Contusions for Forensic Analysis

February 2012
  • Product Spotlight: Bifurcated Fibers

  • Making Raman More Accessible

  • Video: Optical pH Probe Assembly

  • The Amazing New bluLoop LED Source

  • Maintenance and Calibration of Spectrometers

January 2012
  • New NIRQuest Models Released

  • App Note: Thin Film and Polymer Analysis

  • Integrating Spheres for Emission and Reflectance

  • Tech Tip: Using Scope Mode in SpectraSuite

  • NanoCalc Now in Preconfigured Versions

  • 2012 Catalog of Products Now Available

December 2011
  • App Note: UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Webinar

  • Blood Analysis Without Pain for Neonates

  • Tech Tip: Thermal Stability in Spectrometers

  • Ready for Photonics West? We Are!

  • Ocean Optics Collimating Lenses

  • Going to Mars, BRB!

November 2011
  • Gary Manche - the LEDs Review Interview

  • CUV-ALL-UV Cuvette Holder

  • SPIE Members Among First Round of Blue Ocean Winners

  • New pH Probe Available

  • Video Lecture Series: Optical pH Sensors

  • Ocean Optics Expands OEM Team

October 2011
  • The Next Evolution of pH Sensing Patches is here

  • Maya2000 Pro Now Comes with Triggering

  • The Wait is Over - Next Day Shipping Now Available

  • Time is Running Out for Ocean Optics' Photo Video Contest

  • Video Lecture Series: Jaz Indy for Industrial Applications

  • Cosine Correctors for Irradiance and Emission Measurements

September 2011
  • Temperature Control for USB2000+/USB4000 Spectrometers

  • Introducing RaySphere for Solar Simulation Measurements

  • Trade Up to Torus (Limited Time Offer)

  • App Note: Paper Sorting with NIRQuest Spectrometers

  • New! Video Tutorials in Spanish

  • Meet the New President

August 2011
  • Educational Grant Program from Ocean Optics

  • Maya2000 Pro - the Value in Deep UV

  • New Deep-UV Vacuum Feedthroughs

  • App Note: Quick Start to Color Measurements

  • Choosing Sampling Accessories for Absorbance

  • HR2000+CG - Great Resolution Over a Broad Range

July 2011
  • App Note: pH Measurements in Microtiter Wells

  • New Triggering Options for USB2000+

  • Latest Release of SpectraSuite Spectroscopy Software

  • The Photo Video Challenge is Now Open

  • Longpass Flow Cells - New and Improved

  • In Focus: CSI Spectroscopy

June 2011
  • Blue Ocean Grants in Full Swing

  • Video: Non-invasive O2 and pH Measurements

  • Amazing Deals from Ocean Optics

  • Halma Gives Innovation Award to Ocean Optics Member

  • Overture: The Free Spectroscopy Software

  • App Note: Intrinsic Tryptophan Fluorescence

May 2011
  • New: HIOXY Oxygen Sensor Windows

  • Torus for Low Stray Light

  • Jaz Indy for Multipoint and More

  • App Note: Extended Range Measurement of Light Sources

  • App Note: Fluorescence of Quinine Sulfate

  • St. Pete Times: Ocean Optics Top Place to Work

April 2011
  • In Action: SteadiQ Helps in Solar Panel Testing

  • The QE65000 Spectrometer for Raman

  • Sensors Division Granted USP Class VI Certification

  • The Insight LIBS System

  • Sampling Accessories: New Raman Sample Holder

March 2011
  • Tungsten Halogen Light Source with Options

  • App Note: Vapor Deposition of Carbon Nanotubes

  • Ocean Optics on the Mars Rover Mission

  • Blue Ocean Grants and Challenges Announced

  • SpectroClip for USB Spectrometers

  • Get the New Catalog of Products

February 2011
  • Photonics West 2011 Wrap Up

  • New! Triggering for HR2000+ Miniature Spectrometers

  • Tip: Optical Probes in Air and Water

  • App Note: Laser Crystal Absorbance Measurements

  • New! Hypo Tube Oxygen Probes

  • Get the New Catalog of Products from Ocean Optics

January 2011
  • STS Microspectrometer for OEM Applications

  • Torus Concave Grating Spectrometer

  • Application Note: HR2000+CG for Reflection Testing

  • League of Light and the Superheroes of Spectroscopy

  • Photo Video Contest Award Winners

  • Get the New Catalog of Products from Ocean Optics



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