Ocean ST UV Microspectrometer


Ocean microspectrometers are ideal for integration into OEM devices and inline controls with limited space and deliver powerful performance.


Part NumberWavelength RangeResolution (FWHM)Slit Size
ST-UV-25185-650 nm2.2 nm25 µm
ST-UV-50185-650 nm3.7 nm50 µm
ST-UV-100185-650 nm6.3 nm100 µm
ST-UV-200185-650 nm13 nm200 µm
ST-VIS-25350-810 nm2.2 nm25 µm
ST-VIS-50350-810 nm3.7 nm50 µm
ST-VIS-100350-810 nm6.3 nm100 µm
ST-VIS-200350-810 nm13.1 nm200 µm
ST-NIR-25645-1085 nm 2.2 nm25 µm
ST-NIR-50645-1085 nm3.7 nm50 µm
ST-NIR-100645-1085 nm6.3 nm100 µm
ST-NIR-200645-1085 nm13 nm200 µm
Integration time3.8ms-6s
SNR (single scan @ 10 ms)190:1
SNR (max. per second w/High Speed Averaging Mode):2250:1
ConnectorsSMA 905 (input fiber)
Physical dimensions42.1 x 40.3 x 26.6 mm
Weight70.4 g
Temperature (operation)0 °C – 55 °C
Temperature (storage)-30 °C to 70 °C
Best ForUV-vis absorbance of biological samples (blood, DNA/RNA)

Fluorescence of chemical compounds

Integration into other devices