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Ocean Optics pioneered miniature spectrometers and delivers spectral solutions to researchers, OEMs and industrial customers, also designs and builds industrial-grade photonics systems for material inspection, chemical identification and quality assurance. 

Our mission is to lead in creating precise yet practical optical solutions that enable researchers and industry to solve meaningful problems in health, safety and the environment. We have discovered, refined and delivered new approaches to solving problems with spectroscopy and imaging technologies. Backed by deep experience, we are working within applications including biomedical, semiconductors, research & science, industrial, environmental, food & agriculture, and safety & security. 

We partner with customers to achieve ambitious goals, leveraging the power of light for advancement in health, safety and the environment.

Ocean Optics Spectrometers

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Use the Power of Spectroscopy to Get Results

More than three decades ago, Ocean Optics released the “world’s first miniature spectrometer,” revolutionizing spectroscopy. Today, Ocean Optics spectrometers are used by researchers, developers, industrial engineers and OEM suppliers for lab work, field research, product development and process monitoring. Using industry-best spectral innovations and application techniques, we help you harness the power of light to return precise, actionable information about the world around you.

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