Sampling Accessories

Sampling accessories play a crucial role in spectroscopy, enabling researchers to prepare and analyze samples with precision and versatility. These accessories encompass a wide range of tools and techniques, each tailored to specific sample types and spectroscopic methods. Understanding the importance of sampling accessories is key to maximizing the effectiveness and reliability of spectroscopic analyses.

Free Space Optics

In free space optics, light is collected from open beams and sent to the spectrometer. Accessories include collimating lenses and cosine correctors.

Integrating Spheres

Measure reflectance and irradiance of various surfaces.

74-UV Free Space Optics

Collimating Lenses

Control the field of view, spatial resolution and angles in optical setups. 


Cosine Correctors

Couple to fibers and spectrometers to collect signal from 180° FOV.

74-ACH Free Space Optics

Lens Holders and Mounts

Secure collimating lens in measurement setups, adjustable for samples.

Liquid Sampling

Accessories are available for standard and small volume sampling, continuous flow environments and high- or low-concentration samples.

Cuvette Holders

Cuvette holders for absorbance, fluorescence sampling, integrate with spectrometers, light sources.



Plastic and quartz cuvettes for absorbance, fluorescence; durable, low-maintenance options available.

Flow Cells

Flow cells for absorbance, fluorescence in labs, process monitoring; versatile options.

Solid Sampling

With accessories including integrating spheres and filter holders, users can evaluate physical and chemical properties of solid samples.

WS Reflectance Standards

Reflectance Standards

Specular and diffuse standards, for measuring surface reflectance, in various materials available. 


Filter Holders

Inline filter holders to manipulate the light in spectrometer setups.

Manual Optical Stage

Sample Stages

Optical stages for flat substrate reflection/transmission measurements, single/multipoint options available.

Raman Accessories

Ocean Optics offers Raman measurement accessories including laser safety glasses and sample holders for both probe- and SERS-based analysis.


Raman Sample Holders

Enable Raman analysis of liquids and solids, using probes, cuvettes, vials and SERS substrates.

SERS Substrates

Amplify weak Raman signals for trace-level detection of samples including pesticides and narcotics.

Laser glasses

Raman Laser Safety Glasses

Protect your eyes from laser light without sacrificing visibility or comfort. 

Spectrometer Accessories

Cables and power supplies for our spectrometers and accessories.


Cables & Power Supplies

Interface cables and power supplies are available for spectrometers and light sources.

Interchangeable Slits

Interchangeable Slits allow users to adjust spectrometer slit width.


Precision Laser-Cut Slit and Aperture Assemblies

Interchangeable spectrometer slits are available individually or as a kit (5-200 µm). 

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