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From blood gas analysis to pathogen detection, Ocean Optics spectrometers help to extract meaningful spectral data that drives productivity, reduces risk and improves patient outcomes. Our robust technologies enable faster, more accurate diagnostics.

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Biofluidics Diagnostics

Medical Lighting Monitoring

Molecular Diagnostics

Pathogen Detection

Streamlining Measurement Diagnostics for Point of Care Testing

When a leading supplier of diagnostic equipment for healthcare providers sought a compact spectral system for its point of care blood gas analyzers, Ocean Optics delivered a robust, scalable instrument that’s adaptable to the customer’s evolving testing requirements.

As a result, clinicians can more quickly and accurately monitor changes in critical blood parameters, allowing them to make timelier, more effective treatment decisions.

Spectrometers for Easy Intergration and Accurate Measurements
ST Series SpectrometersSR Series SpectrometersHR Series Spectrometers
Key features:Ultra-compact footprint, good UV responseRapid acquisition speed, great versatility, UV responseHigh resolution, great thermal stability, NIR response
Example techniques:Absorbance, Fluorescence, IrradianceAbsorbance, FluorescenceAbsorbance, Irradiance, Reflectance
Example medical technology applications:Blood analysis, DNA/RNA analysis, integration into diagnostic devicesChemical compounds fluorescence, protein analysisDosimetry, medical lighting analysis, protein monitoring

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