Raman spectroscopy uses scattering of laser light to probe molecular structure. Of every million photons scattered, a single photon interacts with the vibrational states of a sample molecule and emits light of a different wavelength. Raman can be used to measure various solids, liquids and powders.

Use Ocean Optics Spectrometers for Raman

Raman Spectroscopy

  • Characterization of pharmaceutical materials
  • Detection of fuel markers and anti-counterfeiting taggants
  • Monitoring of curing processes in medical and industrial materials

Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS)

  • Detection of antibodies and viruses
  • Identification of illicit drugs
  • Trace level detection of pesticides

Note: We offer Raman systems with 532 nm, 638 nm, 785 nm, 830 nm and 1064 nm excitation laser options. Also, we offer SERS nanoparticle substrates to amplify weak Raman signals for trace level analyte detection.

Raman Measurement Setup

The system begins with an excitation laser, routed to the sample via a probe. Signal from the probe is measured by a spectrometer. Also included are software and a sample holder for cuvettes, probes or SERS substrates, and safety glasses.

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