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Population growth and limited arable land strain our capacity to produce enough food. From farm to market, Ocean Optics teams with food and agriculture experts to create spectral solutions that improve crop yields, food quality and product integrity.

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The Benefits of Spectrometers in Food Authentication

Ocean Optics conducted a study measuring the fluorescence of pure honey samples, using various spectroscopy components to optimize detection of honey adulterants. By utilizing versatile Ocean Optics spectrometers, measurements were taken outside laboratory settings to assess honey quality during bottling or at the point of sale, ensuring authenticity.

Discover the advantages of spectroscopy in food authentication, quality assurance, sorting, safety, soil, and crop analysis. Embrace the convenience of compact spectrometers, enabling on-the-spot analysis for rapid decision-making at every stage of food production, testing, and quality control processes.

Spectrometers to Improve Crop Yields, Food Quality and Authenticity
SR Series SpectrometersHR Series Spectrometers
Key features:Rapid acquisition speed, great versatility, UV responseHigh resolution, great thermal stability, NIR response
Example techniques:Absorbance, FluorescenceAbsorbance, Irradiance, Reflectance
Example food and agriculture applications:Food and spirits authentication, food sortingChemical composition, contaminants detection

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