Fibers and Probes

Discover a range of materials, connectors, and core sizes for your ideal solution.

Optical Fibers

While light sources provide the radiation needed for spectroscopic analysis, optical fibers play a crucial role in delivering this radiation to the sample and collecting the resulting signals. These fibers act as conduits, guiding light with minimal loss and distortion, ensuring accurate and reliable measurements.

Patch Cords

Silica-core cords for UV-Vis or Vis-NIR. Solarization-resistant options for UV.

QBIF200 UV VIS Bifurcated Fibers

Bifurcated Optical Fibers

Bifurcated fibers split at one end, offering diverse options in length and core.

Fiber Accessories

Fiber accessories optimize positioning, including adapters, connectors, and splice bushings.

Fiber Optic Probes

Probes are the eyes and ears that allow scientists to delve into the hidden properties of matter. These devices interact with samples, collecting valuable information that reveals the composition, structure, and dynamics of molecules. Understanding the significance of probes is essential for appreciating the depth and breadth of spectroscopic techniques.

Reflection/Backscatter Probes

Probes, coupled with a spectrometer, measure reflection, and fluorescence in solids, liquids, powders.

Raman Probes

Probes for 532 nm, 785 nm, and other wavelengths, are suitable for both lab and industry.

Transmission Dip Probes

Measure absorbance in solutions, suitable for both lab and real-time process measurements.

Fiber Optic Probe Accessories

Dip probe tips and holders for positioning reflection probes in spectrometer setups.

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