From plasma monitoring to endpoint detection, Ocean Optics provides compact spectral sensing solutions to streamline semiconductor manufacturing processes. The result? Accelerated time to market, higher process yields, and improved product quality.

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Monitoring Semiconductor Processes Using Spectroscopy

We have partnered with a global supplier of semiconductor process control equipment to integrate Ocean Optics compact, robust spectrometer into the partner’s overlay metrology systems. Ocean Optics delivered a high resolution, thermally stable spectrometer that provides users with accurate, reliable feedback on process deviations, helping to reduce errors and boost productivity.

In this whitepaper, we describe the steps taken to integrate the spectrometer into the customer’s system, enabling reliable, high resolution results over time and temperature changes. This was significant, in part, because spectral wavelength drift can produce measurement errors that carry through to the algorithmic modeling the customer uses to control key processes.

Spectrometers to Increase Process Yields and Improve Quality
HR Series SpectrometersSR Series SpectrometersST Microspectrometers
Key features:High resolution, great thermal stability, NIR responseRapid acquisition speed, great versatility, UV responseUltra-compact footprint, good UV response
Example techniques:Absorbance, Irradiance, OES, ReflectanceAbsorbance, Irradiance, OESAbsorbance, Fluorescence, Irradiance
Example semiconductor applications:Endpoint detection, plasma monitoring, quality control High light level applications, materials research Integration into space-limited setups

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