Irradiance is the flux per unit area striking a surface. Relative irradiance determines whether there’s more power at one wavelength than another, but not by how much. To calculate those values requires a spectrometer calibrated against a lamp of known spectral power output.

Use Ocean Optics Spectrometers for Irradiance Applications


  • Flexible – able to calculate different power parameters
  • Quantitative – more accurate than the human eye for even the simplest comparison of light intensity
  • Versatile – multiple measurement configurations possible


  • Laser/LED characterization
  • Lighting measurements
  • Solar irradiance measurements
  • Upwelling/downwelling measurements
  • UV disinfection lamp monitoring   

Irradiance Measurement Setup

Here’s an example irradiance system with an integrating sphere for sampling. To complete the system, you’ll need the spectrometer, a radiometrically calibrated light source for absolute irradiance, and optical fibers.

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