Light Sources

At the heart of spectroscopy lies the light source, a beacon of electromagnetic radiation that serves as the probing tool to interrogate matter. These sources emit light across a range of wavelengths, from ultraviolet to infrared, enabling scientists to explore various molecular transitions and interactions.

UV-Vis-NIR Light Sources

Xenon, deuterium, tungsten halogen cover 200-2500 nm. Ideal for absorbance, transmission, reflectance.


LSM LEDs ensure efficient light coupling; the programmable driver monitors power and temperature. 

Visible and NIR Light Sources

Krypton, tungsten halogen sources cover 360-2500 nm. Ideal for absorbance, color, reflectance.

Raman Lasers

High-power lasers: 532nm, 638nm, 785nm, 1064nm. Narrow lines, integrated laser drivers.

Calibration Sources

Calibration sources: emission for wavelength, radiometric for spectral intensity calibration.

DH-2000 Bulbs

Light Source Bulbs

Ocean Optics offers replacement bulbs and accessories for various light sources.

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