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How to Avoid Product Recalls with Inline Measurement

Product recalls can be costly because of the direct expenses associated with the recall itself and the potential damage to the company’s reputation. And that is even before factoring in the additional cost of the product replacement. These and other factors make assurance of product quality before the sale crucial.

In this article, we will explore how inline measurement can help manufacturers avoid product recalls and maintain high levels of quality control. In addition, the article will help you understand why and how to incorporate inline measurement into your quality control, focusing on spectroscopy.

Spectrometers to Reduce Downtime and Improve Quality
ST Series SpectrometersSR Series SpectrometersHR Series Spectrometers
Key features:Ultra-compact footprint, good UV responseRapid acquisition speed, great versatility, UV responseHigh resolution, great thermal stability, NIR response
Example techniques:Absorbance, Fluorescence, IrradianceAbsorbance, FluorescenceAbsorbance, Irradiance, Reflectance
Example manufacturing applications:Integration into OEM devices or production flowsContaminant identification, materials QCAuthentication, materials analysis

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