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Ocean Optics has multiple options when it comes to developing recycling solutions for your industrial, high-throughput needs — solutions that leverage our proprietary sensing modules designed for integration into automated scrap-handling and recycling systems.

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The Benefits of LIBS for Scrap Recycling and Aluminum Sorting

Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) offers substantial benefits for scrap recycling and aluminum sorting processes. Its non-destructive nature allows for rapid analysis without altering the integrity of materials. LIBS facilitates accurate identification of metal alloys, enabling precise sorting and segregation.

This technology enhances operational efficiency by reducing manual labor and streamlining sorting processes. Moreover, LIBS contributes to improved quality control, ensuring that recycled materials meet desired specifications. Ocean Optics provides LIBS-based solutions, further enhancing productivity, cost savings, and sustainability in scrap recycling and aluminum sorting industries.

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