LED/Laser Characterization

The amount of energy emitted at each wavelength from a radiant sample such as an LED or laser is determined using irradiance measurements. Characterizing the power, wavelength and spectral shape of LEDs is important in manufacturing. Similarly, lasers are characterized for power, profile, and features including peak location.

Use Ocean Optics Spectrometers for LED/Laser Characterization

LED Measurement Applications

  • Binning/sorting of LEDs in manufacturing
  • Color response of LEDs in greenhouse operations
  • Monitoring of human-centric lighting in built environments  

Laser Characterization Applications

  • Quality control in laser production
  • Qualification of lasers used in photolithography and material production
  • Monitoring of tunable sources for biophotonics applications

LED Measurement Setup

Here’s an example LED measurement system with an integrating sphere for sampling. Comparable setups apply for laser measurements, with some variations. Multiple configurations are possible and setups can be integrated into OEM devices and industrial processes.

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