Fluorescence is a high-sensitivity technique in which molecules typically absorb a lower wavelength of incident light from one direction and emit a higher wavelength of light in all directions. With a known incident light wavelength, samples can be identified by their fluorescent emission spectra.

Use Ocean Optics Spectrometers for Fluorescence Applications


  • High sensitivity – detection to single-molecule concentration levels
  • Non-destructive – critical with small volume samples
  • Quantitative results – ideal for reaction and process monitoring 


  • Analysis of rare earth salts
  • Authentication of currency and documents, foods and fuels, and gemstones and luxury goods
  • Clinical diagnostics for cancer detection, tissue health and vision screening

Fluorescence Measurement Setup

Here’s an example fluorescence system that uses a cuvette holder for sampling. To complete the system, you’ll need the spectrometer, an excitation source, optical fibers, and filters to block excitation energy. Multiple configurations are possible.

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