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Spectroscopy helps researchers, scientists and educators see the world differently. Our compact spectrometers overcome traditional instrument limitations, lowering barriers to exploration, encouraging experimentation, and affirming results.

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Miniature Spectrometers Come of Age

Ocean Optics emerged as a beacon of innovation and adaptability in the realm of compact spectroscopy. Ocean Optics is a fusion of inspiration and ingenuity, marked by the groundbreaking debut of the “world’s first miniature spectrometer.” It represents a pivotal moment that reshaped the landscape of spectroscopy, introducing a fresh perspective and innovative applications that continue to resonate in contemporary educational settings.

In this whitepaper, we trace the evolution of compact spectrometers from intriguing curiosities to the powerful, adaptable and versatile instruments of today.

Spectrometers to Promote Experimentation and Discovery
Biofluid KitsColor KitsOES Kits
Key features:Options for strong UV response, baseline stability and high resolutionOptions for broad spectral coverage, solid samples and emissive sourcesOptions for low-power emissions, broad spectral coverage and high resolution
Example techniques:AbsorbanceReflection, IrradianceIrradiance, Fluorescence
Example academia and research applications:Biofluids analysis, protein concentrationColor of finished goods and emissive sources like LEDsFluorescence of chemical compounds, identification of plasma emission lines

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