Custom Fibers & Probes

Embark on a journey with our fiber solutions, where versatility meets precision. We offer diverse jacketing materials, connectors, ferrules, and fiber core sizes. We create solutions tailored to your unique application and environment. From crafting fibers resilient enough for harsh settings such as smokestacks to engineering delicate probes for in vivo applications, our custom designs embody innovation and adaptability.

Your 6-Step Journey to a Custom Fiber

  1. Connect with our dedicated sales team to initiate your personalized fiber solution.
  2. Share details about the specific environment and application where your custom fiber assembly will be deployed.
  3. Collaborate with our experts to determine crucial factors such as length, fiber type, and terminations, resulting in a tailored quote.
  4. Reach out to officially place your order for the customized fiber assembly.
  5. Validate the design process by reviewing and approving a detailed mechanical drawing before finalizing the manufacturing process.
  6. Dive into the next phase by actively engaging in the measurement process to ensure precision and quality in your custom fiber solution!

What Parameters Can I Specify?

  • Patch cords provide 1:1 routing of light using a single fiber, although more than one fiber can be bundled into a fiber assembly jacket.
  • Bifurcated fibers provide 1:2 routing in a Y-configuration. Two fibers are bundled at one end, branching out into separate “legs.” This allows fibers of the same or different core diameter or wavelength range to be used for each leg.
  • Fiber splitters provide 1:2 routing as well, but using three separate fiber segments. In this case, the fiber from each leg overlaps partially with the third fiber at a mechanical junction. Transmission is lower for this type of Y-configuration, but light from each fiber leg is efficiently mixed while traveling the common end.
  • Probes end in a ferrule that can interface directly with your sample, either for reflection/backscattering or fluorescence, or for immersion in solution for transmission measurements.