Raman Spectrometers

High Sensitivity and Great Flexibility

Uncover molecular details with Ocean Raman Spectrometers, providing advanced solutions for precise material analysis through cutting-edge technology.


Part NumberRaman shiftResolution (FWHM)Slit SizeGrating Groove Density (lines/mm)Grating Blaze Wavelength
QEPRO-RAMAN-532P-54429 cm¯¹0.40 nm5 µm1200540 nm
QEPRO-RAMAN-532P-104429 cm¯¹0.44 nm10 µm
QEPRO-RAMAN-532P-254429 cm¯¹0.52 nm25 µm
QEPRO-RAMAN-532P-504429 cm¯¹0.66 nm50 µm
QEPRO-RAMAN-532P-1004429 cm¯¹0.94 nm100 µm
QEPRO-RAMAN-532P-2004429 cm¯¹1.78 nm200 µm
QEPRO-RAMAN-638-52820 cm¯¹0.34 nm5 µm1200750 nm
QEPRO-RAMAN-638-102820 cm¯¹0.37 nm10 µm
QEPRO-RAMAN-638-252820 cm¯¹0.44 nm25 µm
QEPRO-RAMAN-638-502820 cm¯¹0.56 nm50 µm
QEPRO-RAMAN-638-1002820 cm¯¹0.80 nm100 µm
QEPRO-RAMAN-638-2002820 cm¯¹1.51 nm200 µm
QEPRO-RAMAN-638P-52820 cm¯¹0.30 nm5 µm1350675 nm
QEPRO-RAMAN-638P-102820 cm¯¹0.33 nm10 µm
QEPRO-RAMAN-638P-252820 cm¯¹0.39 nm25 µm
QEPRO-RAMAN-638P-502820 cm¯¹0.50 nm50 µm
QEPRO-RAMAN-638P-1002820 cm¯¹0.71 nm100 µm
QEPRO-RAMAN-638P-2002820 cm¯¹1.34 nm200 µm
QEPRO-RAMAN-785-53002 cm¯¹0.52 nm5 µm830800 nm
QEPRO-RAMAN-785-103002 cm¯¹0.57 nm10 µm
QEPRO-RAMAN-785-253002 cm¯¹0.68 nm25 µm
QEPRO-RAMAN-785-503002 cm¯¹0.86 nm50 µm
QEPRO-RAMAN-785-1003002 cm¯¹1.22 nm100 µm
QEPRO-RAMAN-785-2003002 cm¯¹2.31 nm200 µm
Integration time8 ms – 3600 s
Onboard memoryUp to 15,000 spectra
SNR (single scan)1000:1
ConnectorsUSB, RS-232, SMA (input fiber)
Physical dimensions182 mm x 110 mm x 47 mm
Temperature (operation)0 °C – 55 °C
Best ForInorganic materials analysis (532 nm)

SERS analysis of illicit drugs, pesticides (532 nm, 785 nm)

Trace-level analyte detection (638 nm)