SR6 Series Spectrometers

High Sensitivity and Great UV Response

High-sensitivity SR6 spectrometers offer excellent SNR and UV response for applications including UV absorbance, fluorescence and plasma monitoring. SR6 is a valued as a one-off setup for the lab or a customized system for high-volume industrial and OEM applications.

SR6 Series

SpecificationsWavelength RangeResolution (FWHM) (configuration-dependent)Grating Groove Density (lines/mm)Grating Blaze Wavelength
UV-Vis options:180-400 nm0.36 nm – 2.88 nm1800Holographic
185-510 nm0.54 nm – 4.32 nm1200Holographic
185-850 nm1.17 nm – 9.36 nm600240 nm
200-900 nm1.17 nm – 9.36 nm600300 nm
200-900 nm1.17 nm – 9.36 nm600400 nm
Vis-NIR options:350-1000 nm1.17 nm – 9.36 nm600400 nm
350-1040 nm1.17 nm – 9.36 nm600500 nm
NIR options:570-860 nm0.54 nm – 4.32 nm1200750 nm
600-1000 nm1.17 nm – 9.36 nm6001000 nm
Extended-range options:190-1050 nm1.44 nm – 11.52 nm500250 nm
Slit Options5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 µm
Integration Time7.2ms-5s
SNR (single scan @ 10 ms)400:1
SNR (max. per second w/High Speed Averaging Mode):3500:1
ConnectorsUSB Type-C, SMA, 16 pin Samtec TFM, RS-232
Physical Dimensions88.1 x 63.5 x 31.45 mm
Weight275 g
Temperature (operation)0 °C – 55 °C
Temperature (storage)-30 °C to 70 °C

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