Ocean Optics - Inventor of the World's First Miniature Spectrometer
Ocean Optics - Inventor of the World's First Miniature Spectrometer

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Ocean Optics - Inventor of the World's First Miniature Spectrometer
High-sensitivity Maya2000 Pro Spectrometers

Maya2000 Pro Spectrometers are a great choice for applications requiring high sensitivity, good UV-NIR response and wide dynamic range. Applications range from low light level fluorescence and Raman measurements to absorbance, transmission and emission analysis of solutions, solids and gases.

At the heart of each Maya2000 Pro is a back-thinned 2D FFT-CCD detector we offer two such detector options in a robust, configurable optical bench with low-noise electronics and low-jitter triggering capabilities. Accessory and bench options allow users to optimize systems for setups ranging from the vacuum VUV (as low 165 nm) to the VIS-NIR (especially in the region <780 nm).

Maya2000 Pro Options at a Glance

Maya2000 Pro Spectrometers are versatile. If your application demands great response at lower wavelengths especially <300 nm the Hamamatsu S10420 detector version is your best bet.

For better sensitivity at longer wavelengths (>780 nm), we recommend the Hamamatsu S11510 detector version. Mix and match from a variety of gratings, slits and other accessories to maximize performance.

Also, we offer an application-ready Maya system that is a good option for Raman and low light level applications where long integration times are not necessary. The Maya2000 Pro-NIR, is preconfigured with the S11510 detector, is optimized to 780-1180 nm and includes a longpass filter, 50 m slit and gold mirrors for enhanced NIR sensitivity.

Application Criteria

Recommended Detector

Sample Applications


VUV measurements (<~190 nm)*

Hamamatsu S10420

         Analysis of VUV emission sources

         Determination of plasmas used in semiconductor processing

UV-Vis measurements (~190-600 nm)

Hamamatsu S10420

         UV absorbance of plasmas and gases

         Low light level applications such as fluorescence


 * For VUV applications, you will need a MAYA-DEEP-UV window for the spectrometer. Learn more about purging and other VUV setup requirements here.


Application Criteria

Recommended Detector

Sample Applications


Vis-NIR measurements (~800-1100 nm)

Hamamatsu S11510 in modular Maya2000 Pro


         Low light level VIS-NIR experiments

         SW-IR feasibility studies of various samples


Comparing Maya2000 Pro Options

Maya2000 Pro Detector Response Only

Here is spectral response data that Hamamatsu reports for its S10420 and S11510 FFT-CCD image sensors. Detector response represents just one element of spectrometer system response. System response combines the effects of all the elements of the instrument, including the optical bench design and grating choice.

Maya2000 Pro System Response Spectra

This graph shows the spectral response of Maya2000 Pro spectrometers configured with both UV-VIS (S10420) and VIS-NIR (S11510) back-thinned CCD detectors. Also, the graph includes spectral response of our USB2000+XR1, which has a front-illuminated CCD detector.

In this setup, we measured the relative output of a miniature deuterium tungsten halogen source. A trifurcated optical fiber transmitted signal to the spectrometers, which were set to different integration times to keep within scale. Also, the Maya2000 Pro with S11510 detector required attenuation at the fiber to avoid saturation.



Maya2000 Pro

Dimensions (mm):

182 x 110 x 47


1.18 kg (2.6 lb.)




Back-thinned, 2D


Hamamatsu S10420 (best option for UV-Vis applications)

Hamamatsu S11510 (best option for Vis-NIR applications)

Quantum efficiency:

75% peak @ 600 nm  (S10420)

85% peak @ 700 nm (S11510)



Spectral range (detector response):

~165-1100 nm (S10420)

~400-1180 nm (S11510)

Optical resolution (FWHM):

Depends on grating groove density and slit size (multiple options available)

Signal-to-noise ratio at full signal:


Dynamic range:

15000:1 (typical)

Integration time:

7.2 ms-5 seconds

Fiber optic connector:

SMA 905 to 0.22 numerical aperture single-strand optical fiber



Power requirement:

500 mA @ +5 VDC

Trigger modes:

4 modes

Strobe functions:



USB 2.0, RS-232

Environmental Conditions



0 C to +50 C (operation)


0-90% non-condensing

Sample Maya2000 Pro Applications

At Our Applications Blog


This is a small sampling of the many Maya2000 Pro technical citations available. Where possible, weve listed citations available freely. In some cases, free access carries certain stipulations imposed by the publisher or author, so please be certain to follow proper protocols.




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